Be Love

In this moment of time and space.. awake my heart.. look beyond me.. within the depth of my soul.. hence awaken.. I’ll never be the same again ~ Crystal Melody

Love Light & Harmony xx 😄💖💖


~ Word Of The Day ~


It matters not what we do or what we were in the past.. those are only part and parcel of cycles and stages in this transionsional life. What matters is what we become and what we keep choosing to do in this present moments which shapes who we will be in the future. ~ Crystal Melody

Oooo Mighty Sea

Sea Star

Oooo mighty sea… heeding your call
Coming your way.. your way..
In one with all the elements
Soaring. .. soaring. . Higher and higher
I’m free… free… free..
The vastness of the horizon
Infuse with the universal elements
Merging… I’m free… free.. free…..
Honoured to be in your presence
Ooooo mighty seas.. Ooooo mighty one
I’m spirit.. I’m liberated.. I’m the seas.. I’m me..

~ Crystal Melody

Ebb and Flow.. and there it goes..


Walking into the sea full of emotions
On a beautiful spot somewhere on earth
Where.. oh.. where…
Clear sparkly blue green sea resides
So pure and tranquil
It touch my hearts
So.. thereby.. I walk..
A step through another step
Immersing.. cleansing.. letting go..
Of whatever it may be
Ebb and flow.. and there it goes..
Washes it all away
Trickles of magic opening hearts
Cleansing bodies
Touching souls
Calming minds
And… Therein . .
Contentment and Gratitude resides

By Crystal Melody